Every Sunday evening Kathy from OverC picked up the phone and called her client Irene. Irene was 91 years old and lived independently and alone. This brought significant challenges. OverC had several roles in assisting Irene to function at her best and be as independent as possible. One of the most important of these roles was connecting with her on a regular basis. Whether it was Sunday night, or the morning of an important health care appointment, Irene and Kathy were frequently in touch. Together, they kept on top of any new issues and made sure Irene got what she needed for her health and received the support she required to attend appointments. This could mean a simple reminder of time and place, transportation, or having Kathy at the appointment with her.  At 91 years of age, it was not a simple thing for Irene to call a health care professional to discuss her needs. Kathy did this for her. She made the calls, had the discussions, and wrote down the outcomes. For Irene, it was a relief not to have to make the call and a convenience to be able to pass on her results to her adult children who were very prominent in her life and liked to know immediately what occurred with her appointment. The family knew and trusted Kathy to represent their mom in these important health care discussions. This relationship and trust were critical for everyone involved.