In health care, good communication is essential. OverC helps by staying connected with our clients, keeping their health care team informed, and by recording and sharing important health information. 

Connected To Our Clients

We forge strong relationships with our clients. A strong relationship fosters great communication and that’s the basis for our services. Great communication has a direct impact on your well-being and the management of your health care journey.

So we plan our communication with you. It might include daily or weekly phone calls, or video conferencing. It might be a monthly meeting in your home or our conference room. Or you might call us as needed. Whatever the case, the plan is made, implemented and adjusted as required. You now have an OverC health care professional at your disposal. 

Connecting Your Health Care Team

The second part of our connections service is representation. This means OverC will speak on your behalf. This might be to a doctor, a pharmacist or to a hospital facility. Or perhaps it is calling or meeting with a health insurance provider or a lawyer.

Our goal is to solve problems, and also to build good relationships between our client and their health care team. We encourage the full participation of everyone contributing to the health of our client.

Keeping Track

When we meet or talk with someone on your behalf, we write down what happened in your Personal Health Record. This means you always have documentation of what took place and how you are affected