Health Appointments

Appointment Management

Caring for your health often requires lots of appointments with different health care providers. For many people, it can be confusing. Feeling alone to deal with so much information and important decisions can be frustrating and stressful.

OverC can help you by managing everything related to your healthcare appointments. This can include:

  • Booking your appointments
  • Meeting with you before to decide what you want to achieve
  • Organizing your questions so that the health care provider will understand you clearly

​After your appointment, OverC will write a report on what the health care provider said and recommended, and what needs to be done as follow-up. This report is stored in your Personal Health Record, where you and anyone you choose has immediate secure access.

Appointment Escort

Our clients tell us that the OverC appointment escort makes a big difference for them.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We know exactly why you are at the appointment, and we can remind you so nothing is forgotten.
  • We can speak on your behalf if you want, or we can just quietly support you.
  • We make sure there are no misunderstandings, because we speak and understand the language of health care.
  • We make sure that the appointment is efficient, and that everything is covered on time.
  • We have your health record at our fingertips so we can instantly provide information on your health history.

We record the plan that’s developed in the appointment. We discuss it with you afterwards and put it in your Personal Health Record for your permanent reference.

We Can Take You

If we are escorting an individual to an appointment, we offer transportation to the appointment and back. Seems to make sense to go together