Healthcare is complex. Even sometimes overwhelming. There is a lot of information, and it is constantly changing. The Internet can help, but it’s not always sufficient to answer important questions about your health, your health care and the best decision for you at a particular moment in time.

OverC has created a service to provide answers to your questions. We will answer questions about difficulties you may have navigating through the health care system, or about the availability of a particular service. From a simple “yes or no” to a detailed research effort, OverC professionals are available to find relevant information for you and get it to you quickly.

The Chain of Experts

OverC has an extensive network. When you access your OverC team you are in fact accessing a network of many health care professionals and everything they know.

That is the power of OverC.

Complementing Health Care Providers

The services we’ve designed complement existing health care services. What OverC does is help you find the resources you need to get the treatment and medical advice you seek. We do this by utilizing the skills, experience, resources and networks of our health care professionals.