Our father, Ted, has struggled with dementia for a number of years.  The time arrived a couple of years ago when he required daily assistance and care.  Our family all live at a distance and with no one locally, finding and managing proper care was challenging at best.  OverC, founded by Katherine Daniels and Perry Kimber has been nothing short of a miracle!  Kathy and Perry treat our father as their own.  Even if we lived locally, we would utilize OverC and the services they provide.  Ted’s health, attitude and overall quality of life are dramatically better because of Kathy, Perry, and their team.  Without them, Ted would be living the classic “institutional life” – basic care from strangers.  Kathy and OverC are the difference for our father.  He views her as his trusted friend.  They truly care and we are in awe of the energy and passion they bring to lives of the people they care for. Since engaging OverC, in addition to the many daily medical and life issues they manage, Ted has experienced 2 total knee replacements, installation of a pacemaker, new teeth and major cancer surgery.  Kathy and Perry handled it all.  Ted trusts Kathy and Perry implicitly.  As long as he knows Kathy will “be back soon”, he can relax and enjoy life.

We cannot recommend a company or group of people more highly.

Thank you from our entire family!

Mark, Dee, Dan & Kirsten Urness