Hearing loss is a common ailment in the aging.  However, suddenly losing 80% of your hearing can be very frightening and overwhelming.  A medical problem of this nature requires immediate investigation and appropriate treatment.  An important part of our service at OverC is to gather all your medical information and place it in a web based Personal Health Record.  So, when Rudy called our office with a request to help with this pressing situation, we were able to assist him immediately.  His Personal Health Record contained contact information for all the health providers involved in his medical care. OverC called his Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialists and booked an appointment. Prior to his appointment a hearing test was done showing 80% hearing loss. The ENT had to do an invasive procedure to stop the hearing loss from progressing further. Rudy had to return in 2 weeks for a repeat hearing test to assess if the procedure was successful. OverC accompanied Rudy to the hearing test. After the test was completed, the audiologist was unable to immediately determine if Rudy’s hearing had improved because the prior tests results were completed at a different location and were not filed in his chart.  Because OverC had gathered all Rudy`s medical information in his personal health record, he was able to pull up all his previous hearing test results. The audiologist compared all the test results on the spot and was able to tell Rudy his hearing had returned to his normal state prior to the sudden loss. Rudy was relieved to hear, and the audiologist was pleased to be able to share the information immediately.  Unnecessary waiting for results was eliminated.