Edith suffers from several chronic conditions. Because of her conditions, she often has 3 or more problems or requests she wishes to discuss when seeing her family physician. It’s not easy to get an appointment with the office and most of her health care issues need to be looked after promptly. She is aware of the tight schedule and sometimes waits for long periods of time for her appointment. When she finally gets into the examining room, she often panics and forgets the questions she needs to ask. Not a healthy situation for her or her family physician. So, Edith took Kathy from OverC with her for her next appointment with her family physician.  They met ahead of time, organized her needs and problems into a list of questions and reviewed them while they were waiting. Together as a team, they were able to ask and receive answers to all her questions in the time booked for the appointment. Afterwards, they reviewed everything that she needed to complete. Kathy followed up with Edith in the following weeks to review what had been done and what was left to do. Since that time, Kathy goes to most of Edith’s appointments. Her physician has come to appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of having Kathy and Edith working together as a team. It helps her deliver better health care in that she always understands clearly what the issues are and knows that her solutions are understood and carried out.