Justine Pia Pascua, RN, BSN

Justine is a Registered Nurse who graduated in August 2020 and has worked in multiple health regions in Saskatchewan. Justine initially began her nursing career in Weyburn as a graduate RN and transitioned into long term care practice after a few months. Justine has always been interested in working with children since she was 4 years old and has since dedicated her time to becoming a pediatric professional. This fueled her decision to move to Saskatoon in March 2020 and started working in St Paul’s Hospital as a float nurse where she was sent to multiple units throughout the hospital and worked with surgical, medical and Covid patients. Due to the high demand of work with Covid patients, Justine transitioned into non-bedside nursing and started working with OverC Health and the SHA’s vaccination program. Justine is very passionate about public health and advocacy which is why she has enjoyed making a difference in her client’s lives and hopes to continue improving her advocacy skills for the benefit of her OverC clients.

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