Christy Matheos, BA, BSP

Christy has always been interested in people.  She has always had interest in helping people.  Christy achieved Bachelor degrees in Pharmacy and Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and has been a clinical pharmacist in Calgary for 20 years. She has been able to use her Sociology degree effectively in that setting.  The problem was that it was never as personal as she wanted it to be.  Christy decided to move her skills away from the dispensary and find a more intimate way to help people.  She was looking for a career that mattered to her and made a difference to those that she would serve, one that gave her a purpose and peace of mind.  One where she could be effective, and sleep at night.  After much reflection, health advocacy was a perfect fit!  Christy’s search landed her with a dynamic pair of people whom coincidentally her husband has had a relationship with through Physiotherapy school in the late 90's.  One meeting and she knew Kathy and Perry shared her philosophy and passion and could provide the environment for her to achieve professional satisfaction and success. 

As much as she loves to have job fulfilment, her true love is her family.  Christy’s husband and three children bring new adventures every day.  Christy’s time is spent at kids activities and on their days off they escape to the mountains of the Kootenay Valley where they love to hike, bike, boat and explore!

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