A "Wow" Moment

Recently Bev, an OverC client, experienced a first time viewing of her daughter’s medical information organized and entered into a web-based personal health record. Bev had been recommended to OverC by a friend who thought the services could help her feel more in control of her daughter’s health.  Bev’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. Bev arrived to a meeting with a very large accordion file overflowing with documents accumulated during her daughter’s health encounters in the past two years.  This medical condition had become a part of their daily lives and involves ongoing appointments, medications and diagnostic procedures, all featuring different health care providers. As a mother and caregiver, to just keep up with all her daughter’s daily healthcare needs was daunting.  After gathering and recording all of her daughter’s information in a web based personal health record, Bev and Kathy from OverC met again.  The reaction from Bev was “wow, this is incredible!” as she looked at all of her daughter’s health information in a web-based file. For her, the ability to have this personal health record with her anywhere, at any time was "priceless".

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