OverC Services, Memberships & Pricing



A' La Carte Overture Opus Concerto Maestro
 Interview and Health Record Creation1 $250 $250 $250 $250
 Monthly Membership Rate - $200/Month $450/Month $1800/Month $5000/Month
 Personal Health Record Maintenance $102/HR
 Navigation $120/HR
 Connections $120/HR $120/HR2
 Appointment Management $120/HR $120/HR2 $120/HR
 Appointment Escort $120/HR $120/HR2 $120/HR
Daily Visitation NA NA NA NA
Personal Driver NA NA NA NA
Outings - restaurants, groceries, family, airport, etc NA NA NA NA


1 The Interview and Health Record Creation fee is for new clients only and does not apply to active clients transferring from one membership level to another. 

2 Overture members receive a 10% discount on services not included in their membership.



A’ La Carte

The A’ La Carte membership includes access to all services, with a professional health care provider and team attending to your needs.  An estimate of the services requested by the client is provided by OverC and once the client approves the estimate the OverC team goes to work. 


The Overture membership includes ongoing Health Record Maintenance and access to an OverC health care professional and their team for Navigation. The other services including Connections, Appointment Management and Appointment Escort are available on request at a reduced rate.


Price Guide

Service Example Typical cost3
 Personal health record monthly maintenance for average individual $30.00
 Navigation - A simple question $25.00
 Navigation - A research topic $100.00
 Appointment Management - Book an appointment $25.00
 Appointment Management - Prepare Client for appt & follow up report $85.00
 Appointment Escort Family Dr. - Prepare, escort & follow up report $150.00
 Connections - Call client weekly to monitor status, & reminders for health care appts (monthly cost) $80.00
 Connections - Call physician to discuss a health issue & written summary $50.00


3The examples listed in this table are for the sole purpose of assisting viewers in understanding the approximate costs associated with OverC services which might be purchased by the average user.  The actual cost will vary based on individual circumstances (e.g., distance to appointment).



OverC Health Management

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